BreathRox® - The Popping Fresh Breath Crystals w/ Zinc (Variety 6 Pack)

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BreathRox® - The Popping Fresh Breath Crystals w/ Zinc (Variety 6 Pack)

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Don't Let Bad Breath Happen To You!



No matter what you eat or what you drink you are susceptible to Bad Breath!

But now you have the power to take control of your situation and make that 1st impression that will last a lifetime...


These "popping" fresh breath crystals kill the bad bacteria that cause your bad breath!

Now, lots of people temporarily try to disguise bad breath by using gum and ordinary breath mints. While that may work for about 30 minutes there is a way to get rid of bad breath naturally by using the power of ZINC!


BreathRox® will keep your breath fresh for 5 hours

BreathRox® is Sugar-Free...Gluten Free...and Kosher

BreathRox® comes in 3 delicious "popping" flavors

(Peppermint / Orange / Watermelon Mojito)


BreathRox® LITERALLY pops in your mouth!!

You just let them crackle until they melt, swish them around your gums with your tongue and Swallow! 

The easiest solution for LONG LASTING fresh breath!


The Variety 6 Pack Includes:

2 Tubes - Orange
2 Tubes - Watermelon Mojito
2 Tubes - Peppermint

(Each tube contains 10 servings)


A six pack of BreathRox® typically sells for $39.98

BUT because you are KetoCredible Email Subscriber you are eligible for 50% off the normal retail price!


PAY $19.98 for 6 tubes of BreathRox®

*** A 50% SAVINGS ***
(Limited Time Offer - Email Exclusive)


BreathRox® is backed by the KetoCredible 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!!!

Try BreathRox® for a full 60 Days and if you are not 100% convinced that your Keto Breath is being eliminated, simply contact our KetoCredible customer support team and they will gladly issue you a no questions asked refund. 


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