Keto Greens

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Keto Greens

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KetoCredible Keto Greens  At KetoCredible, we're passionate about staying healthy, and following a ketogenic diet is healthy, to...

KetoCredible Keto Greens 

At KetoCredible, we're passionate about staying healthy, and following a ketogenic diet is healthy, to be sure. Best-case scenario, we get all the vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients we need from our vegetables, but sometimes, that isn’t an option. Fortunately, KetoCredible has your insurance policy—KetoCredible Keto Greens.

With Keto Greens, you can get all your healthy superfoods AND exogenous ketones in one drink. Plus, there is:

  • No shopping
  • No blending
  • No juicing
  • And best of all. . . . No cleanup!

Daily Health with Keto Greens Blend

Think before you drink!


Before you mix that green powder to replace your next meal, we get it. You are trying to get nutrition and fuel your body yet odd are…You are trying to lose a few pounds.

Did you know that there is a way to add ketones instantly? It’s true.

Keto Credible is -3 Exogenous Ketones mixed with 24 perfectly dried nutritional Superfoods-17 Enzymes balance and digestion…

It is everything you are looking for and more of what you actually need to get to goal- Energy, Nutrition and in 64 calories a serving with zero sugar.

KetoCredible Greens Blend

Of course we start with greens.  Superfoods with vitamin B12, proteins, enzymes, chlorophyll, and all kinds of great, bioavalable foods.  This blend was chosen for optimal clarity, vitality, and balance, and includes wheatgrass juice powder, chlorella (cracked cell), barley grass juice powder, spinach powder, spirulina, cinnamon bark, cayenne, ginger, milk thistle extract, aloe vera 200:1, and garlic.

A Whole-Food Derived Fruit and Vegetable Nutrient Extract Blend

There are many “whole-food vitamins” out there that have a broad list of trace amounts of a variety of fruits and vegetable powders. This claim takes up half the label and boasts high amounts of vitamins. However, the untold story is that while you are getting fruit and vegetable powders, they’re also mixed in with a bunch of synthetic vitamins. The fact that there are SOME fruit and vegetable powders in the product, along with a deceiving name like “whole food vitamins,” paints the picture that the entire vitamin blend is natural, but that’s not the case!

KetoCredible products contain ZERO synthetic vitamins. These are 100 percent whole-food sourced and, therefore, very bioavailable. Naturally, the absorption and bioavailability of vitamins are drastically different, depending on the source and the form. Our vitamins are all derived from whole foods with zero adulteration.

Keto Greens includes a blend of thirteen whole food fruits and vegetables scientifically chosen for nutrition and completion: Spinach, Broccoli, Carrot, Tomato, Beet, Shitake mushroom, Apple, Cranberry, Cherry, Orange, Blueberry and Strawberry. These ingredients have had the macronutrients removed, leaving only a massively nutrient-dense puree. Finally, this nutrient-dense puree is freeze-dried to preserve potency and mixed with these other great ingredients.

Enzyme Blend

Enzymes are a great thing to include in a "daily maintenance" routine because of the difficult-to-digest proteins and sugars that often sneak into our diets. We’ve carefully formulated our enzyme blend to provide you with all the enzymatic goodness you need.

Inside every scoop of Keto Greens, there’s a whopping seventeen digestive enzymes, and they are specifically chosen to help you digest protein, fat, carbs, and even dairy (in case heavy cream or hard cheese is a little rough on your stomach). This mix enhances nutritional absorption and prevents nutrient deficiencies, all while taking stress off of your GI tract - Amylase, Protease SP, Protease 2, Acid Stable Protease, Bromelain, Papain, Invertase, Maltase, Cellulase, Beta Glucanase, Captalase, Alpha Galacto Hemicellulase, Xylanase, Pectinase, Phytase, Lipase, Lactase.

Optimal Keto BHB (Exogenous Ketone) Blend

The exogenous ketones in Keto Greens come from 3 different types of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB), Calcium BHB, Sodium BHB, and Magnesium BHB.

BHB is the primary form of ketones in your body – ketones that push you into ketosis in under 30 minutes. No matter how many carbs you’ve had before taking them.

BHB is a little bitter tasting, so we combine it with salt.

Specifically, in Keto Greens, we use calcium, sodium, and magnesium salts.

Not only does this improve the taste greatly, it helps provide the electrolytes you need to keep from getting headaches and cramps that a lot of people get in ketosis.

Our blend of superfood ingredients ensures that every piece of food you eat—whether it’s keto or not—will be properly digested and you’ll get all its nutrient goodness.

Plus, we use calcium, sodium, and magnesium salts, which not only improves the taste greatly but helps provide the electrolytes you need to prevent the headaches and cramps that a lot of people get while in ketosis.

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